TC215B Caravan and Motorhome Tyre Pressure Monitor


Tyre pressure monitorTyrePal TC215B is based on the highly successful commercial monitor and is supplied with compact sensors for caravans and motorhomes.

Our TC215B system is specifically designed for caravans and trailers and it allows you to monitor anything from 2 tyres on a single axle caravan to 12 tyres on a motorhome and trailer.

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Continuous monitoring

The system continuously monitors the pressure and temperature of up to 22 tyres while you are driving and displays the pressure and temperature of each of the tyres in succession. It gives a clear audible and visible alert in the event of:

  • Air loss (puncture etc.)
  • Low pressure
  • High pressure
  • High temperature

Easy to fit

There’s no need to remove the tyres to fit the TCSB sensors: they simply screw onto the tyre valves in place of the standard dust caps and can be locked in place with a security key.

Sensors are suitable for tyre pressures up to 99psi and are powered by a CR1632 cell which lasts up to 2 years before it needs replacing. (For higher tyre pressures, please see our heavy duty systems)

Easy trailer link

Just pushing a button allows you to select or deselect trailer monitoring. This is ideal for caravans and motorhomes with trailers.


The monitor, powered by a rechargeable battery, automatically shuts down when not in use and reactivates as soon as the vehicle is used. The monitor fits a robust articulated mount that can be attached to the screen with a strong suction pad or permanently screwed to the vehicle.

Supplied complete

The system is supplied with everything required and is ready to set up and start monitoring.

Signal Repeater   

Where the transmission distance from sensor to monitor is greater than about 7 metres, a signal repeater is recommended to increase range and improve stability of the system. This is typically not required for caravans towed by cars, but is recommended for large motorhomes towing trailers.

To order on line, go to our TyePal consumer website


TC215B Caravan and Motorhome Tyre Pressure Monitor — 72 Comments

  1. Your competitor specifies their sensors transmit data to the monitor once every 5 minutes. This seems a long interval in the case of a puncture occurring. What is the time interval between data transmission of each sensor on your system?

    • In the event of a puncture (pressure loss), our system sends an alert immediately.
      If pressure is stable, it updates the display every five minutes.

  2. I have used TyrePal for 3 years without any problems. The only thing I would strongly recommend is every couple of months or so remove the sensors and give the threads a clean and apply a small amount of grease or Vaseline to the threads – don’t overdo it, this will help avoid any possibility of them sticking on the valve, it doesn’t take long and well worthwhile

  3. Very very scary blowout on Spanish motorway in our motorhome in December. Much more frightening in retrospect, what might have happened?
    Ordered TyrePal system by email from Portugal. Absolutely brilliant service, great communication, even honoured an out of date discount scheme!
    Next day delivery to friends in UK, fitted in Portugal, using very comprehensive downloaded set up details.
    Now working perfectly, real peace of mind. Thank you so much.

  4. i have had fitted the car system it’s on my third car now ,on the last car the indicator started beeping I went to the tyre company informed the fitter the tyre was going down he said that was rubbish the tyre was OK, I asked him to remove wheel and check, there was a two inch nail through the cover.
    he repaired and said it could have really damaged the tyre he said sorry, the company repaired free of charge for his attitude.

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  6. Have Hymer 690 motorhome on Mercedes chassis with twin rear wheels . Recently fitted Tyrepilot systen with six sensors. System has not worked properly and only picks up readings on a very intermittent basis and has now been removed and returned to suuplier for refund – both receiver and transmitters replaced with same problem. If I purchase your system can you guarantee this will be compatable with my motorhome or will boosters be needed.

    Look forward to your comments and advice in due course.

    • With regard to Peter’ query above. I have Hymer S700 on Merc 416 twin rear wheel chassis. I also tow a trailer. Motorhome is 7.5m or 12m with trailer.

      The system works perfectly; I do have a booster for the trailer fitted in the Motorhome garage but it is not needed for just the Motorhome.

      Great for peace of mind.

  7. How does the display show the pressure of each valve, does it scroll through Wheel to Wheel, and if so, how do you know which wheel its displaying. I am looking at an 8 wheel unit to cover my car and twin axle caravan, that’s a long time for me to take my eyes of the road to check the pressures and Temp.

    The Signal Repeater is currently showing as out of stock, will this always be the case, or will you be stocking it again in the future?

    Many thanks.

    • Hi, Thank you for your email enquiry. The system shows the pressure and temperature of each wheel in turn, indicating which wheel is being displayed by flashing the relevant position on the monitor.
      You don’t normally need to keep your eye on the monitor, as it will beep and flash an alert if there is any problem.
      With regards to the signal boosters these are in production and we are expecting to have these back in stock within two to three weeks.

  8. Thought this would be a straightforward purchase till I started reading all the guff already posted…I have a 6wheel hymer motorhome…4wheel on back axle, and am towing a 4wheel brian james trailer. Both have spares. length of motorhome is round 26.5 feet, length of train is around 47 feet. fronts and rears are different pressures on the m/h, with the highest being 80lb. trailer much lower pressures. Car on trailer…handy to be able to check those too though…what room is there for setting up different pressure alarms to accommodate the above. What system and kit should I be buying? Kevin

  9. I have purchased a repeater from tyrepal but no info how to install. I have emailed them for instructions but they cant seem to reply. Does anybody know how to set it up. There is a light and a button on the unit and need to know how to lonk this up

    • The signal repeater does not need setting up to act as a sensor booster, it works automatically as long as there is power to the repeater. The red light indicates that the power is connected, and the button is used when the signal repeater is used for smart trailer swapping in commercial vehicle situations.

  10. Hello,
    Emailed you about a week ago to enquire if you could offer a discount on a TC215,we currently have a TB99 (four wheel) but having now bought a caravan it would be advisable to monitor all six wheels.
    I still have all the original packaging and installation guide for the TB99.
    Kind regards.
    George Mayo.

  11. When I first hookup and switch on the unit all I get is the tyre icons flashing and no pressure reads. We have to tow the caravan for about a mile below oen can see the pressures in the various tyres. Unfortunately this happened to us and one tyre was reading low pressure and we had to continue to drive down the A road to the next town as no stopping places along the A road. Luckily we have a twin axle caravan.
    It would be handy to know the tyre pressure before one leaves a storage depot especially on a unit costing nearly £200! Am I doing something wrong?

    • TyrePal sensors have a sleep mode built into them to preserve battery life. They also have motion detectors, so when they are stationary for 5 minutes or so, the sensors will drop into sleep mode.

      We would recommend that you either;-
      a) Leave the monitor turned on – as it too, has a sleep mode that allows it to go into standby when there is no motion for a few minutes. (And the battery life on the monitor is extraordinary)The monitor will wake easily – usually when you open the door to your vehicle or when you get into the seat and it will be ready to receive signals from the sensors as soon as they wake up. (Which is usually within a couple of minutes after setting off) OR

      b) If you have turned the monitor off completely, when you turn it back on, it can take a few minutes to go through it’s boot up procedure, (perhaps what happened in this case – if you turned the monitor on and then set off pretty much straight away – so the monitor had not had time to complete its’ boot up procedure?) So we would recommend turning the monitor on a few minutes before you commence your journey. This means that the monitor will be ready to receive the signals from the sensors within a couple of minutes after you set off.

      • Thanks for the reply.I am interested in a monitoring system for my caravan. my only concern is the opening of the tyre valve by the sensors.Could you explain how the sensors form a seal and just how good this seal is,im sure you will understand my concern

        • Thank you for your enquiry. The sensors open the valve, and create a solid seal around the valve stem by using a rubber o-ring within the body of the sensor. This seal is as good as the seal created by the valve itself, and it should also be noted that in the unlikely that the seal in the sensor fail then the TyrePal will alert you to this and allow you to take remedial action.

  12. Seems to me that any questions I might have had have all been answered above. Which I am happy with the only info I now require is the true cost of purchase for the 8 wheel (4c/van) (4 car) total 8 sensors with the ability to isolate the C/van when not in use.

  13. I have new Bailey Unicorn caravan. The question is : Do the internal sensors in the wheels have their own power source. If the answer is Yes then how are these replaced?

    • Like other internal TPMS sensors, they have a sealed battery which is not replaceable. Once the battery is dead, the sensor must be replaced.
      For caravans in normal use we anticipate a sensor life considerably in excess of ten years, by which time the tyres and sensors should be replaced.

  14. I have recently purchased a TC215/OEK to go with my Bailey caravan. I have manually checked my tyre pressures and they are both 60PSI for both tyres but your unit says 70PSI is some calibration neceesary.
    I brought the unit as I will be travelling to Croatia in June

    • The TyrePal sensors are factory calibrated on accurate equipment and require no further calibration. Pressure accuracy is ± 0.1 bar (1.5psi).
      This seems a large discrepancy, but manual pressure gauges are not particularly accurate unless they are regularly calibrated against an accurate certificated standard. The checking procedure could also have a bearing. If the tyres got warmer after the pressures were manually tested, the pressure would have increased.

  15. Can I make a product improvement suggestion? Currently you can only configure a single setting per-axle for max/min pressure warning levels but we all know that when you hook up a caravan (or other heavy trailer) then you should really increase your car rear pressures at least in line with maximum loading limits.

    Because you can short-term disable the trailer (i.e. user the monitor without a trailer attached so switching the trailer monitoring off) it would be rather handy if you could have a different pressure/warning setting for the rear wheels of the car that is only active if you also have the trailer monitoring switched on?

    Hopefully this makes sense!

  16. How is the power supplied to the monitor that fits on the front window of my vehicle? Is if a wire taken from the cigarette lighter? If so how do I stop having wires trailing all over the front of my vehicle especially if I am also using a SATNAV and charging my mobile phone at the same time?

    • A full charge on the monitor will last for about 60 hours operation. It switches off automatically while you are not moving, so in practice, once you have charged it, it will be a long time before you need to reconnect.

      You could also charge it while parked or before setting out.

  17. My car (A land Rover Freelander) is fitted with its own tyre sensor equipment
    I tow a 2 wheel Lunar caravan

    Would Tyre Pal system interfere with that system

  18. With the sensors on the caravan am I right in thinking there are minimum and maximum alert levels for tyre pressures and do these need to be changed for cold or hot weather towing?

    • Yes, you set the minimum and maximum alert levels to suit your vehicle, but these don’t change for cold or hot weather towing.
      The tyres should be inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure while cold i.e. before they are heated up by driving. To run at the correct pressure, the tyres will need more air in winter than in summer.

  19. Cannot find anywhere on your site that say’s that you can fit your product Tyrepal Can you tell me if you can fit your system to my Motorhome and trailer total 10 wheels 6 on mh and 4 on trailer ok. Best regards Garry scott

    • Sensor batteries can be replaced when they have expired. The system will also advise you when the batteries are getting low. The CR1632 bAtteries can be purchased from TyrePal or other retailers.

        • Please accept our apologies for any confusion. The batteries in the standard external sensors are replaceable (spares are available from ourselves). However, the batteries within the internal sensors and the rechargeable batteries in the monitor are not replaceable.

    • Yes, definitely!
      You can use a single system, such as TC215B, and simply swap the sensors from one caravan to the other. If the tyres run at different pressures, you would also need to adjust the alert level settings in the monitor.
      A neater solution is to fit a smart Smart Signal Repeater (smart relay) to each caravan, where it stores the trailer’s ID and tyre alert settings. When a trailer is connected, pushing a button on the relay and the ‘link’ button on the monitor, sets up a data connection with the monitor in the cab.

      The smart relay operates from the 12 to 24V vehicle power supply and is supplied with a fuse-protected connecting lead.

    • The ideal system is TC215B with six sensors. This will enable you to monitor the tyres on the car and the caravan.

      It is a simple matter to move the sensors from one caravan to the another.

    • Alloy wheels are no problem. All our systems measure temperature as well as pressure, so you get an alert if the tyre or wheel is overheating from any cause, whether it is a damaged or overloaded tyre running hot or hot because of binding brakes or a bearing problem.

      Insurance discount is available through a number of caravan insurers, but not yet with the Caravan Club.

  20. I tow a Mini behind my motorhome. The Mini has a tyre pressure sensing system that lights a warning symbol in the event of low tyre pressure. Will the TC215B interfere with this?

    • No, there will be no interference between the TC215B sensors and the tyre pressure monitoring system on the Mini, so you can safely fit the TC215B to the motorhome.
      Depending on the model, the Mini may have aluminium valve stems. In this case, we would not recommend fitting the sensors to the Mini itself. This is because our sensors have brass threads and the dissimilar metals lead to corrosion.

  21. My car has different pressures on the 2 axles, the rears need one pressure at low load & a higher pressure when under big loads.
    The caravan has one axle but I want to monitor both spare tyre pressures.
    Presumably 8 wheels is not a problem, but what is involved to change car rear tyre pressures.

    • With TC215 systems, you simply reset the alert levels as required.

      In standby mode, press and hold the SET button for 3 seconds. Release after the beep.
      Press the SET button repeatedly to scroll through the different settings and press the + or – buttons to adjust the setting.
      Press and hold the SET button again for three seconds to save the settings and exit the settings mode.

      The new settings take immediate effect

  22. I am buying a new Caravan and having the Caravan dealer supplying TyrePal with Sensors to fit the Caravan (Twin Axle) but at the time of ordering decided not to purchase Sensors for the Tow Vehicle.

    I have now reconsidered and wish to purchase a further four Sensors to fit the tow vehicle, could yould please advise me of the cost for a further fours Sensors and any other additional points that I may need to consider.


    Ray Wallis

    • Yes, you can purchase additional sensors through the link above and add them to your system.
      The new sensors will need to be registered to the additional wheel posiions you want to monitor. The procedure for this is very simple and is fully explained in the user manual which can be downloaded from the TC215B support page.

  23. I understand you recommend the TC215B system for Motorhomes. Mine has alloy wheels fitted with steel valves, would there be a problem in fitting the sensors to these valves?

    • Yes it will if you use TC215B and fit a smart signal repeater to each trailer.
      The signal repeater has two functions:
      In passive mode it boosts the signal to increase the transmission range
      In smart mode, it stores the trailer data (trailer ID, sensor IDs, wheel locations and alert levels). When you hook up the trailer, just press the button on the smart repeater and then press the ‘link’ button on the monitor. You are then monitoring the correct trailer.

  24. My car requires two different settings 38psi front tyres 45rear tyres & 60psi on the caravan, will they show up as different readings on the monitor

    • Yes, the TC215B system displays the tyre pressures in turn, and shows you the actual pressures of each tyre.
      You can set different alert levels for low pressure and high pressure for each axle of the car. High and low settings for the trailer apply to all axles on a trailer.

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