Downloadable guide on tyre pressure monitoring for caravans

Environmental, safety and economic benefits for caravan owners

We have released a new downloadable guide on the benefits of tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) used in caravans. This guide details the safety, environmental and economic gains of using a TMPS as well as the specifics of which monitor is appropriate for different caravan types. The guide in PDF format is available for download here.

This seven page guide will enable caravan owners to better understand the risks of incorrectly inflated tyres and what can be done to reduce these risks. Some of the most common consequences of wrongly inflated tyres include uneven tyre wear, increased fuel consumption, bigger braking distances as well as decreased grip and cornering ability. Tyre pressure monitoring is critical in twin-axle caravans as a punctured tyre can lead to a blow out if left undetected. This can lead to extensive damage.

A TMPS is particularly important in towed caravans because the driver is unable to get a feel through the tow-ball for the inflation of the tyres. There is no way of making a visual check for tyre pressure without using a TPMS.

“Incorrectly inflated tyres are a top cause of insurance claims for caravan road traffic accidents,” explained Peter Tillotson, business development manager of TyrePal. “The release of this guide will enable caravan owners to understand the implications of incorrectly inflated tyres and to minimise the risk of accidents as well as reduce fuel cost and breakdowns.

“Tyre pressure monitoring systems are the only way to track the caravan tyre pressure and temperature in real time,” continued Tillotson. “The system can warn drivers of a potential blow out before the risk becomes critical.”

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