Horsebox tyre pressures

Tyre problems are one of the biggest causes of breakdown for horses in transit.

Burst tyres, trailer instability and increased fuel consumption are all more likely when tyres are not properly maintained, and the results can be catastrophic.

horse in horsebox

Blowouts don’t just happen, they are caused by tyres running soft and then overheating leading to collapse of the side wall. Even if tyres are checked regularly, a puncture could go undetected for miles, until overheating causes a blow-out.

Continuous monitoring

A TyrePal system monitors horse box tyre pressures continuously while you drive. Low pressure, overheating or a puncture triggers an alert so you are informed before things get out of control.

TyrePal uses valve-cap sensors to transmit pressure and temperature data from the tyres, and can be installed in a few minutes without removing the tyres and without any wiring. Systems are available for all kinds of horseboxes, whether trailers or large HGVs.

TyrePal TC215 is the recommended tyre pressure monitoring system for horse boxes

The system is equally suitable for lorries, trailer horse boxes or for HGVs.

The display constantly scrolls through all the wheel positions being monitored and shows both the pressure and temperature of each tyre in turn. If there is any  problem like an under-inflated tyre or a wheel overheating, a clear audible alert is given, showin the location of the problem.

The system features an easy link button that quickly establishes a data link between the monitor and trailer tyres if required.  See detailed specification here