Performance TPMS

Performance carsYou’ve optimised braking and suspension, but track performance depends crucially on the grip of the tyres.If you don’t have a research team to select the best rubber and tread for conditions on the the particular day, you are going to have to rely on some trial and error to get your tyres performing at the optimum level.

However experienced you are at getting it right by trial and error, you’ll be aided if you know the actual pressures and temperatures while you are on the track. TyrePal can help you do just this.

TyrePal TPMS continuously displays the pressure of all four tyres, and you can get the temperature at the touch of a button.

TyrePal tyre pressure monitor

TyrePal TB99

There are very different opinions about how you should set up your tyres, so we don’t offer specific advice.  Some insist that pressures should be raised to ‘stiffen the sidewall’, while others are equally adamant that you have to drop the pressures to allow for the increase as the temperature rises.

Whether the pressures are raised or lowered, a TyrePal system gives valuable feedback in real time and enables you to see what is going on. You can check temperatures before you start and get the tyres set up consistently from one time to another.

TyrePal can help to give you the edge!

Solar 4: See detailed specification here . or visit our TyrePal consumer website