TB99 4 or 5 wheel tpms

TB99 has now been phased out, and replaced by the improved and upgraded Solar 4 system

TB99 is for cars and vans with a small dashboard mounted monitor that displays the pressure of four tyres up to 99psi simultaneously and can be set up to monitor the spare tyre as well.

This could save your life!

This could save your life!

  • Neat system, reliable and very easy to install
  • Clear visible and audible alerts
  • User set alert levels for low pressure, high pressure and high temperature
  • Automatic back light
  • Rechargeable monitor battery

The TB99 monitor continuously displays the pressure of four tyres. If there is a fifth sensor, it alternately displays the four tyres and then the fifth. Tyre temperatures are shown at the press of a button.

TyrePal external TPMS sensor

TB99 sensor on tyre valve

Sensors simply screw on to the tyre valves in place of the normal dust caps, and they have an integral anti-theft design. They are smaller and lighter than previous models and improved electronics give up to 2 year life from the replaceable CR1632 batteries.

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