TPMS Ready wheels

For trailer manufacturers, wheels and tyres can be supplied as a complete assembly factory-fitted with internal TPMS sensors.

The aquisition of TyrePal by Wheel Solutions Limited means that this technology is readily available to trailer manufacturers. WSL is known for its commitment to innovative wheel assembly safety solutions. WSL fits Laser Balanced wheels, ‘Security’ and ‘Michelin’ tyres, anti-tamper ‘WSL Safety Bolts’ and now ‘TyrePal’ TPMS Internal Sensors for its OEM customers.

With almost 30 years’ experience, WSL is one of the largest independent suppliers of wheel and tyre products to a wide variety of market segments such as, plant and construction, trailers and caravans, agricultural equipment, ground care, and materials handling. TyrePal is the leader in the after-market supply of TPMS to market segments such as cars, caravans, motorhomes, fleet, bus, and commercial vehicles. Although primarily an OEM supplier, WSL are also active in the consumer market where they have designed and developed the innovative “WSL Safety Bolt” for the Caravan sector. This is the first bespoke wheel bolt designed for the caravan industry.

Bailey Unicorn caravan TPMS readyBailey Caravans are the first manufacturer to add the TyrePal TPMS Ready feature as standard to a production caravan range.  Bailey believes that their customers should have this important safety option when purchasing a new caravan, so with their new Unicorn range, Bailey is making the “TyrePal TPMS Ready” tyre pressure monitoring system a factory-fitted feature. All the owner has to do is purchase a monitor to get peace of mind whilst towing

Bailey chose TyrePal, a WSL company as they are highly regarded in this field and have many years of experience of providing after-market systems to caravans, motorhomes and other vehicles.

TyrePal TMPS ready wheels are available from Wheel Solutions Limited now. If you are a trailer manufacturer, please contact us for more information.



TPMS Ready wheels — 4 Comments

  1. we have on order a Bailey caravan fitted with internal tpms ,i understand that it is fitted with batteries,we use our caravan on numerous journeys each year,how long are the batteries expected,to last and does it mean the wheels and tyres have to be removed to replace, as unless caravan tyres are damaged,they have a life expectancy of at least fives years,

    • The batteries in the sensors have an expected life of up to ten years or more for a caravan in normal use. The monitor gives a warning when they are running low.

      Any tyre more than six years old is getting towards the end of its life even if there’s plenty of tread left. This is because the rubber compounds start to break down and get brittle so the tyre can become unsafe.

      Tyres do have to be removed to replace internal sensors, which we would recommend doing when the tyres are replaced. The monitor is also compatible with TyrePal external sensors that can be fitted without removing the tyre.

  2. i have just purchased a 2014 Bailey unicorn cadiz 2 and just read that my van may be fitted with your sensors, and if so how much would it cost me to buy the monitor.

    kindest regards
    Paul Salt B.E.M

    • If your Bailey Caravan is fitted with TyrePal internal tyre pressure monitoring valves purchasing a TyrePal TC215OEK monitor will enable the monitoring system. The cost of this monitor is £90 including VAT and is supplied complete with the monitor, windscreen suction mounting pad, charging lead and instruction manual. You can order the monitor kit directly from our website or by calling us on 01543 870 170

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