RS232 TPMS Serial Data Node

The TyrePal TPMS Serial Data Node presents tyre data in serial format for integration into bespoke instrumentation. It enables tyre pressure and temperature to be continuously monitored in custom instrumentation which can integrate with other in-cab instrumentation or be linked to telematics systems to provide remote monitoring of tyre pressures. A J1939 CANbus module is also available, which may be more appropriate for some applications.

The system consists of standard TC series sensors on each tyre and the serial data module.

Remote TPMS system diagram

The serial data system can provide:

  • Regularly updated tyre pressure and temperature readings
  • Alerts if a tyre pressure is outside pre-set limits
  • Alert if a tyre is overheating, indicating an over-stressed tyre – a potential blowout
  • Alert if pressure is falling, such as from a puncture

A hand-held reader may used to program sensors to the receiving module and set the pressure and temperature thresholds.

TPMS Data Node

The TyrePal Serial Data Node is a compact 5V device that stores sensor and vehicle IDs, together with user-defined alert levels for tyre pressure and temperature. Details of the communication protocols are provided to enable it to be integrated with existing instrumentation, telematics or security applications.


The system requires engineering expertise to programme it into the host system, so it is appropriate for equipment manufacturer applications. It is not supported for individual retail customers.

Specification summary

Operational temperature -20°C to +85°C
Storage temperature -30°C to +90°C
Low voltage input 4 to 5.5V
Mid frequency 433.2MHz
Dimensions 1 x 38 x 15mm
Weight 42g

Main performance data

Data Unit Min Mid Max
Low voltage V 4 5 5.5
Standby current mA 23 25 27
Frequency MHz 433.1 433.92 433.3
Transmission power dBm 14 16 18
Sensitivity dBm -110 -114 -116


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Please contact us to discuss options for system integration of complete fleet tyre pressure monitoring solutions.


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    • Not really. This is intended for commercial applications and any monitor must be programmed to communicate with the system. It requires TyrePal sensors to be installed.

      It is not intended for user installation.

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