TPMS for Campers

Tyre pressure is a major factor in both safety and fuel consumption.

TPMS for campervan

A TyrePal system ensures that tyre pressures are consistently monitored.

Alerts are given for pressure loss due to a puncture or leaking valve, and also for low pressure or high pressure.

An overheating tyre also gives an alert  – whether caused by an over-stressed tyre wall or by mechanical problems such as binding brakes or bearings.

Installed in minutes – alerts in seconds

The tyre pressure monitoring system can be installed on any camper van in minutes without removing the tyres. External pressure sensors simply replace the standard dust caps.  Set the target pressures on the monitor and it’s done.

Tyre temperature and pressure is checked every six seconds and an immediate alert is issued if there’s a problem. This is plenty of time to deal with a puncture or an overheating tyre before it becomes a fire or a blowout.

Versatile – other models

TyrePal systems are versatile and we can tailor them to your requirements. They can be set up to monitor anything up to 38 wheels with a dedicated display in the cab or with data transmitted to a central monitor for the entire fleet.

Recommended systems for Camper vans:

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