TPMS for Trailers

Tyre problems are one of the main causes of all trailer breakdowns and accidents.

The risk can be reduced by monitoring tyre pressures and temperatures.

Tanker fire caused by blowout

Tanker fire caused by blowout


The TyrePal system use wireless sensors to continuously monitor the tyres and give an alert for any abnormality.

The temperature sensor is sufficiently sensitive to give advance warning before a blowout or fire, even if a wheel is overheating from binding breaks or bearings.

Even if tyres are checked before every journey, it’s almost impossible to feel what happens to pressures while driving. A puncture could go undetected for miles until overheating causes a fire or blow-out.


Light duty trailers

caravan twin axle

Trailers such as caravans, camping trailers,car trailers, horseboxes and boat trailers with a Design Gross Vehicle Weight (DGVW) up to 3.5 tonnes are classified as Light Duty Trailers in categories O1 and O2.

TyrePal TC215B is the recommended tyre pressure monitoring system for light duty trailers, typically towed by a car or van. If you tow regularly or are planning a long journey with your trailer, a system could prove a life-saver.

The system is extremely versatile and quickly gives visual and audible warnings when things are going wrong. Ideal for retro-fitting to caravans, horse boxes, boat trailers and equipment trailers, they use wireless sensors on the valve caps to monitor the pressure and temperature of the tyres.

TC215B is based on our heavy duty TC215 system, but is a special model using compact external sensors and the technical specification of the system is slightly different.You can order directly from the TyrePal consumer website

Heavy duty trailers

HGV and trailer_600Trailers with DGVW above 3.5 tonnes are classified as heavy duty trailers (Categories O3 and O4).  This classification includes heavy goods trailers, agricultural trailers and semi-trailers, i.e., the drawn component of an articulated vehicle.

Tyres are the biggest single cause of HGV breakdowns, so continuous monitoring can head off problems on the road. TyrePal systems monitor tyre temperature as well as pressure, so an over-heating tyre or one at low pressure triggers a warning before it causes a damaging fire or blowout.

Tyre rolling resistance accounts for one third of all fuel used by a loaded HGV and under-inflated tyres are a major cause of excessive fuel consumption. Tyres under-inflated by just 10% increase the rolling resistance by at least 10%, directly causing a 3.3% increase in fuel consumption.

TyrePal TC215 is the recommended tyre pressure monitoring system for heavy trailers. Comprehensive fleet management options are available, including smart switching between trailers and montioring for trailers only.

See more information on the TC215 heavy duty system here