Heavy Duty Trailers

Monitoring tyre pressures on HGV trailers cuts fuel costs and reduces the risk of breakdowns.

TyrePal sensors on each tyre check pressure and temperature every twelve seconds. Tyre status and alerts are displayed in the cab, or tyre pressures can be checked on a hand-held unit without using a pressure gauge on each tyre in turn.

Tyre pressures and temperatures are checked every six seconds

Tyre pressures and temperatures are checked every twelve seconds.

Intelligent trailer fleet monitoring

TPMS for HGV trailers

Smart trailer exchange

  • Smart transceivers allow every trailer to have its own ID and alert settings.
  • A push button enables or disables trailer monitoring.
  • Monitoring while parked saves time on walk-around checks – tyre pressure display is updated on hookup.
  • Hand-held monitor option is ideal for yard use.

Reduce breakdowns and tyre damage

Continuous tyre pressure monitoring can head off problems on the road. TyrePal systems monitor tyre temperature as well as pressure, so an over-heating tyre or one at low pressure triggers a warning before it causes a damaging blowout or starts a tyre fire.

With tyre problems being the biggest single cause of HGV breakdowns, a TyrePal system can pay for itself by saving just one breakdown or one tyre casing.

Control fuel costs

Tyre rolling resistance accounts for one third of all fuel used by a loaded HGV and under-inflated tyres are a major cause of excessive fuel consumption.Tyres under-inflated by just 10% increase rolling resistance by at least 10%, directly causing a substantial increase in fuel consumption.

TyrePal systems

TyrePal systems continuously monitor the tyre temperature and pressure, and give alerts for:

  • Overheating tyres
  • Under-inflated tyres
  • Puncture or reducing pressure
  • Over pressure

The temperature sensor is sufficiently sensitive to give advance warning before a blowout or an alert if a wheel is overheating from binding breaks or bearings.

Trailer fleets

For trailer fleets, we strongly recommend in-cab monitoring where possible, as this gives continuous monitoring while the vehicle is on the road. This would normally monitor the tyres of the artic tractor unit as well as all the tyres on the trailer. If only trailer tyres are to be monitored, this can be done with a monitor for each trailer. The driver then just takes the appropriate monitor when he picks up the trailer.

If continuous monitoring is not required, the system can provide a quick way to check tyre pressures on the trailers before they leave, without having to go round all the tyres with a pressure gauge. In this case, the trailers would be set up in exactly the same way but with a hand-held reader to display the tyre pressures instead of the in-cab monitor.

Product details

The recommended tyre pressure monitoring system for HGV trailers is TyrePal TC215. More details of the systems can be found through the these links to the product pages to see an overview of the system, or details of specific components.

We can also tailor systems to suit your entire fleet. Please contact us for more information.