TPMS monitor for commercial trailers

  • Ideal for OEM trailer builders and trailer fleet operators

  • Complete on-trailer tyre pressure monitoring without connection to a truck

  • Optional on-line monitoring from the fleet office, including GPS tracking of the trailer

Trailer TPMS
The system consists of standard TyrePal sensors on each tyre and a robust indicator that can be mounted inside or outside the trailer. It can operate independently of connection to the truck to provide an immediate visual and audible alert for:

  • Rapid pressure loss
  • Overheating tyre
  • Under-inflated tyre
  • Over-inflated tyre

A hand-held reader can be used to quickly check the exact pressures of all the tyres on the trailer or to identify a problem shown on the indicator.

The system can communicate with a TyrePal TeleTPMS module to provide complete on-line monitoring of the trailer from the fleet office, including full GPS tracking.

It works completely independently of the truck but if required, it can connect automatically to a TyrePal in-cab monitor when the trailer is hooked up.

Application Examples

Standalone indicator on a trailer

In this setup, the Indicator operates on an internal battery that is automatically recharged from time to time when power is available, either from the trailer supply or by connection to the trailer lights.

When the trailer is not in use, the Indicator goes into a sleep mode and automatically resumes when there is any vibration, for example from opening the trailer doors. This means that it can remain on standby for up to ten weeks on a single charge.

Trailer TeleTPMS

This provides complete on-line tyre pressure monitoring of the trailer from the fleet office, including full GPS tracking independently of the tractor vehicle. Communication is provided by a TyrePal TeleTPMS module and can continue while the trailer is parked to provide current location and tyre pressures at any time.

Automatic trailer linkage to TPMS on truck

If the tractor vehicles are fitted with TyrePal TeleTPMS or TyrePal in-cab monitors, the trailer TPMS can automatically connect to the tractor device when the trailer is hooked up.