Tyre pressure monitoring for telematics

Tyre pressure monitoring can be integrated into telematic systems either as a cloud-based service, or through direct engineering access to the tyre TPMS data through a serial connection.


TPMS as a service

The simplest way to integrate TPMS into a telematics service is by using TyrePal’s cloud-based system. This can be provided as a stand-alone service, with or without custom branding, or it can be closely integrated to the telematics system through an API.

This approach uses standard TyrePal sensors on the tyres and a TeleTPMS communication module on the vehicle. Tyre data is processed through the TeleTPMS server to give appropriate alerts.

  • Complete cloud-based solution – can be own branded
  • Quick data integration through API
  • Compatible with range of TyrePal sensors that can be fitted inside or outside the tyres
  • Compatible with smart trailer-link system for trailer fleets

Please contact us to discuss integration of TPMS as a service

TPMS wired solutions

Wired solutions give complete engineering access to all TyrePal TPMS functions through a wired serial connection to a host system such as a telematics control box located on the vehicle.

This approach uses standard TyrePal sensors on the tyres and either a ‘black box’ data node or an in-cab monitor with serial data output.

TCRU System set

  • Complete engineering access to proven TPMS
  • Available with or without in-cab monitor
  • Compatible with range of TyrePal sensors that can be fitted inside or outside the tyres
  • Compatible with smart trailer-link system for trailer fleets

See below for more information on these options, or contact us to discuss the options

TyrePal Serial Data Node


TCRU: TyrePal TPMS Serial data node

This is a compact device that processes data from up to 38 tyre sensors and enables alerts for the following:

  • Tyre pressure above user set level
  • Tyre pressure below user set level
  • Tyre temperature above user set level
  • Fast tyre pressure loss
  • Slow tyre pressure loss

In-cab monitor with data output

Tyre pressure monitor

Tyre pressure monitoring system with serial data output

This is a complete in-cab monitor with serial data output via a wire connection. It monitors up to 22 tyres to provide:

  • Full engineering access to tyre data through serial connection
  • Clear and distinct alerts for the driver
  • Push-button to show or hide trailer monitoring
  • Automatic linkage when trailer is connected

Data and communication

Both the Node and the Monitor provide intelligent communication between the tyre sensors and the host system. They store information such as alert levels, sensor IDs and tyre locations and process the information from the sensors to issue alerts when required. Communication protocols for the two devices are similar.

They connect with the host through a wired serial connection at a baud rate of 9600bps and communicate with the tyre sensors at 433MHz. All settings can be programmed into the device through the serial connection, but they can also be set up using the Hand Held Reader TCTH.

Detailed information on the communication protocols can be made available and support for integration as well as ongoing technical support can be provided through our specialist team.

Choice of sensors

The system uses well-proven TyrePal heavy duty TPMS sensors, available in various formats. Sensors are fitted to each tyre and transmit tyre temperature and pressure data at 433MHz. Each sensor has a unique ID and can be coded to any wheel position.

Unlike other systems, TyrePal commercial sensors continue to check tyres while the vehicle is parked. This means that the current status of tyres is available before the vehicle is loaded and also makes sure that the pressures of inner tyres are never overlooked.Smart trailer monitoring – Trailer TPMS

Trailer TPMS

For trailer fleets, a Smart Trailer TPMS on each trailer stores the alert settings and sensor IDs for the trailer tyres. When the trailer is hooked up, it automatically connects to the TPMS on the tractor vehicle.

It is powered from an internal rechargeable battery and can continue monitoring when the trailer is not connected to the tractor.

It is normally mounted outside the trailer to provide an immediate visual and audible alert for trailer tyre problems, even while the trailer is parked and not connected to the tractor.

Signal Repeater

Where automatic linkage to a trailer is not required, a Signal Repeater is recommended to increase the data transmission range from the sensors in the tyres.

The Signal Repeater can also be used to simplify exchanging trailers, but with this device, a button is pushed to set up a data connection with the monitor in the cab.

Hand-held reader

Hand held TPMS toolThe Hand held Reader and Programming Tool is used to set up the system in a fleet of vehicles. It can also be used to quickly check all the tyres on a vehicle or trailer.

This is a general purpose TPMS device used to:

  • Register sensors
  • Set alert levels
  • Measure tyre pressures & temperatures directly