Tyre pressures off road

Off road, it’s easy to pick up a puncture or to loose pressure on deflated tyres. It’s hard to feel, but if you keep going you can quickly destroy a good tyre.Tyre pressure monitor off-road

Advance warning

When a driver shredded a brand new tyre on this Swiss-built Pinzgauer 4×4, Steve Tolan, Director of Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust in Zambia decided to fit a TyrePal. Under these off-road conditions, a flat tyre is not always obvious from the driving seat and Steve realised that by monitoring tyre pressures, they would have advanced warning of punctures. The cost of a TyrePal could be recovered by saving just one tyre.

Standard system

The four tyres run at around 36 and 42 psi so the system used was the standard four-wheel car system. Despite the arduous conditions, the TyrePal is continuing to work well.